Alex Smiles

It is with great sadness that we have lost a most valuable member on our board, Alex Smiles.  Our sincere thoughts and love are sent to his family and friends at this time and in the future.  His caring support in HEART, invaluable business advice and friendly, fatherly character will be greatly missed by us all.


Alex Smiles was a Sunderland based successful business man.  In 1973 Alex & Jane Smiles founded the company Alex Smiles Ltd. Alex formed the business out a requirement for reclaimed car parts demonstrating remarkable enterprise skills.

The company increased in 2002 relocating the main operations to Deptford Terrace, a nine Acre Site on the banks of the River Wear next to the Queen Alexander Bridge, Sunderland.

Additional investment of £4.5 Million pounds in 2009 resulted in the commissioning of a Material Recycling Facility and 25% growth in Employment by the company.

Alex had extensive experience dealing with Multi National organisations, Small to Medium Enterprise, Sole Traders, Private Individuals, Public and Third Sectors.


Alex will be missed dearly