APES invites scholars and professionals from a variety of fields who identify with the cross-disciplinary nature of animation to propose papers, presentations, short film screenings, photographic essays, and interactive talks. APES encourages submissions from disciplines outside of film and animation that show a cross-disciplinary nature and that propose alternative presentation styles.

Submissions are sought that respond to one or more of the following themes related to animation:

•Audiences   •Reception   •Activism   •Social Impact   •Cultural Practice   •Policy

•Cross-Platform Communication   •Health and Well-Being   •Social Institutions

•Art Therapy/Psychotherapy   •Education (as and for)   •Therapy       •Artifacts   

•Political Essay



Proposals for 20-minute presentations should be no more than 250 words long and include 6 keywords identifying your discipline and topic(s). Please provide author(s) name(s) and affiliations as well as the email(s) in the proposal. Your submission email should be headed: APES19 Paper. Please submit all proposals in .docx or .pdf formats to francisco.ortega@ttu.edu or jorgelina.orfila@ttu.edu. Accepted participants will be notified by June 15th.


All proposals must be complete, comprehensive and deemed relevant and timely to the conference's audience. Ideally each session should have 3 or 4 participants. The session chair may shorten a presentation, increase and/or reduce the number of presenters, select alternate presenters from among those proposed and/or combine the submitted presentation with other proposed presentations, at its sole discretion. The submitter should not complete the proposal without the acceptance of participation of all proposed presenters/moderators. Submission with CVs of all the participants (no more than 2 from the same institution) will be favored.

Proposals for 80-minutes sessions should not exceed 250 words and should include 6 keywords identifying the disciplines and topic(s) proposed. Include the titles of the papers in the session as well as the names, affiliation, and email addresses of all the presenters. The session chair(s) also needs to provide name(s) and email(s) in the proposal. Your submission email should be headed: APES19 Sessions. Please submit all proposals in .docx or .pdf format to francisco.ortega@ttu.edu or jorgelina.orfila@ttu.edu. All session participants will be notified of the organizing committee's decision by June 15th.

  • Deadline for abstracts: Friday, May 31, 2019

  • Selected participants will be notified by Saturday, June 15th.

  • Registration Fee :: $20 (US dollars)

  • The Symposium registration and opening will be on September 19th at 5:00 PM

  • Refreshments and lunch will be provided for all delegates. Dinner on Wednesday night.


For further enquiries please contact jorgelina.orfila@ttu.edu or francisco.ortega@ttu.edu