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Exploration of Memories Through Animated Documentary



This is a practice-based research, aiming to explore the experiments of Animated Documentary, which is a unique form can explore the mysteries and complexity of memories. Animated Documentary is a medium through which one can reveal an individual’s memories within the context of a narrative that is historically situated and influenced.


The marriage of animation and documentary gave birth to a new form of film. How to category this new form? Is it an animated short or documentary short?  In fact, this raises issue that questioning the nature of animation and documentary.


From Shuibo Wang’s works, more young Chinese artists began to experiment with symbols (related to the Political Pop Trend) in visual narration, which could also be seen as a reflection of structuralism and semiology in the contemporary Chinese art field. As a case study, this paper demonstrates how animated short “Ketchup” revealed the problems of youth and social turmoil through the memories of a six-year boy.


On the Festivals and conferences, the publics were shocked to know “Ketchup” based on true memories, and they were more curious why the crucial things almost be forgotten. Actually forgetfulness is one of the layers of memories and Animated Documentary will offer a new way to explore how our memories are shaped.



Animated Documentary, Animation, Documentary, Memory, Autobiography Memory



Chunning (Maggie) Guo teaches New Media Art and Animation in the School of Fine Arts at Renmin University of China. She was a visiting artist to the Master of Arts program in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins of the University of the Arts, London and she was also a resident artist at Centre Intermondes of La Rochelle in France.


Recently, she was invited to present her paper in Animafest Scanner II 2015 in Zagreb of Croatia, and International Animated Film Conference in Poland, as well as BFX conference in UK.


She is the author of two books: Thinking Communication (Renmin University Publishing) and Digital Media Contextual Studies (China Machine Press).

Her animated artwork has been exhibited and collected internationally by galleries and festivals. She was the recipient of the Jury Award at the 11th annual Chinese Independent Film Festival in China, as well as NETPAC Award in 2015 Busan International Short Film Festival of South Korea.


Her collaborative work Ketchup was selected for several International Festivals, including the Stuttgart International Animation Festival, FANTOCHE International Animation Festival, Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb, A Long Week of Short Films Festival in Shanghai.



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