Dr Antonia Liguori

Dr Antonia Liguori is Research Associate in Applied Digital Storytelling

at Loughborough University.

She has a PhD in History and Computer Science from the University of

Bologna (2005) and a Masters in Contemporary History from the University

of Rome. She is also a journalist and a Web content and SEO manager.

Before moving to the UK, from 2006 to 2012, she coordinated the Multimedia

Department at BAICR Sistema Cultura with the aim of contributing to the

enhancement of the Italian cultural heritage through the

use of innovative methodologies and the creation of digital environments.

In the last 5 years, she's been working across Europe to explore the role

of storytelling in today's digital world.

Her role in Drought Risk and You (DRY) Project, a research funded by NERC,

ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC and AHRC (2014-2018), consists in conducting

practice-led research through community digital storytelling workshops and

follow-up support activities with various stakeholder groups. In

particular she is using digital storytelling and performative approaches

as informative media, mainly to dismantle knowledge hierarchies and

democratise the decision-making process. As part of two European projects

(one about the use of digital tools for cultural and heritage education

and another one about the use of narratives for socio-professional

inclusion), she is collecting stories of/for social inclusion/change.

Antonia is also actively involved in research around the use of

storytelling to investigate how the built environment and its symbolic

(and political) meanings are perceived. In particular she is inquiring if

and how 'emotional memories' or 'politics-driven statements' have had and

still have an influence on place-attachment and sense of identity at local

and regional level.


Since 2014 she is an individual member of ENCATC (the European Network on

Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education).