Elaine Drainville

Elaine Drainville has worked in the Film and TV industry for over 30 years.  She is co founder of RuMAD2 (Are you Making a Difference Too?) and chairs the Equality and Diversity committee for the faculty of Art, Design and Media.  Elaines research engages and focuses on sustainable participatory practice, child lead learning and Issues of representation.  Some example of Elaines current work consists of:'Developing Aspiration, Resilience and Optimism', a Multi-platform production in collaboration with Helen Walker, TDA Consultant and founder of `Bounce Back Be Happy', Shelle Rose Charvet, Success Strategies: Words that change Minds, Ontario, Canada and in association with Australian Youth Foundation, Melbourne, Australia.'I am Nasrine' a feature length drama developed from: WIKI: Ali in Wonderland - an interactive website developing a feature script with young new migrants, online stories to reflect young people's real-life experiences in fictional form.  This was a visible process giving young people the tools to experiment with narrative and empowering them to inspire change while inventing fresh cinematic and multimedia models. In collaboration with Tina Gharavi, English Literature, Language and Linguistics Dept, Newcastle University.