Title of Paper

Diasporic Identities and Animation



In this globalised world where more people are becoming diaspora and homogenised, indigenous cultures are disappearing and being replaced by the ‘global culture’. With this paper, I would like to study how animation as a diasporic media can help preserve the cultural identities of diasporic people, as well as becoming a tool to spread awareness of the cultures of Others.


The first part of this paper will explore the evolution of diaspora and its definition. Even though diaspora is not a new phenomenon, globalization and technology revolution has helped diaspora evolve in many ways which affect their culture and lifestyle.


The second part of the paper will be a study of the identities of diaspora and why they are an important part of the global human conditions and why it is imperative to spread awareness of this issue. It will explore the divided loyalty of diaspora in regards of these identities which sometimes present a conflict of interest in a diaspora. The Chinese Indonesian diaspora will be used as a case study.


The third part of the paper will study animation as a diasporic media and how it can help raise awareness of the diasporic identities. The French concept of ‘animateur’ (as informal educators, community workers, arts workers and others) and the notion that cultures are ‘superorganic’ are used as a basis to analyze how animation can work as a diasporic media in both passive (consumer) and active (producer) aspects, geared towards global and local community development, education, and learning.



animation, diaspora, media, culture, identity



Fanny Bratahalim graduated as one of the top students of the BA (Hons) in Animation Arts in LASALLE College of the Arts in 2014, and she was immediately hired as a 2D animation Teaching Assistant in LASALLE upon graduation. As a student she has published and presented her research paper in International Digital Storytelling Conference in Athens, Greece, on May 2014 on the theme of ‘Digital Storytelling in times of Crisis’. Her graduation film titled ‘Lose It’ has also been accepted into ten international film festivals up to date.




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