John Tyrrell

John Tyrrell is Senior Lecturer at the University of Sunderland.  He has extensive experience in Drawing, Sculptor, Architecture, Design, Spatial design and Model making including Model making for Animation.  He enjoys supporting the workshops for Animation Therapy and Education on a practical level and encouraging the enjoyment of model making for Animation and the development and process involved in creative design and exploration.His research and professional portfolio focuses on the creative process of commissioned architectural work, landscape, sculpture and exhibitions incorporated with education and design.  His published work highlights this area of interest, one such example; Tyrrell, J. 1999. 20th Century Design 70s and 80s : The High-Tech Age, London: Heinemann.He has also been commissioned by the Design Museum, London, to research, design and produce interactive work for an exhibition on I K Brunel. In addition he has presented papers and exhibitions internationally at Tokyo University and The Architectural Association London and at such places as the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Royal College of Art Design History Conference.