Special Screen Showing of the film 'The Wind'


Feeling frustrated and sad regarding the Syrian humanitarian crisis, and that they that they could no longer be silent, a group of 4 Syrian artists* living in Lebanon (2 of which came here as refugees) felt an urgent need to speak up about the crisis in a peaceful manner, using the only weapon we understand: Animation.

The process was very organic and improvised; there was neither storyboard nor plan, only a rough idea that they could no longer be silent and must speak of the plight of their people.

They knew that they wanted to keep it as much as possible on a humanitarian level; portraying various issues the Syrians have been and are facing since the uprising in 2011 and as a result of the ongoing conflict.

The scenes were shot over an intermitted period of time, particularly that two members of the team were not settled in Lebanon and one soon left seeking asylum in France. The ability to find the time and effort to complete it was a challenge, managed and driven by human compassion.

The Wind, our animated short, hopes to shed a light on the plight of the Syrian people and remind the world that these are fellow humans with previous lives, and not numbers.


Lina Ghaibeh and May Ghaibeh



Animation, Stop-motion, Syria, migrant crisis, Refugee, Social impact