Melanie Hani

Melanie Hani founded Heart™ Healing Education Animation Research Therapy. Her lifelong work in this field was celebrated by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at a reception at Buckingham Palace to mark those have made a significant contribution to local or national life. She has won the NHS innovation award, being commended by the Duke of Gloucester for her work using animation with the bereaved and also been commended by Baroness Morris of Yardley for using animation to help children who are excluded from mainstream education. She has been awarded a community fellowship and after returning from working in an Eastern European orphanage and with children living in squalor, she found she had been named as one of the worlds most influential educators and included in the 2009 Marcus Who's Who in the world.  Melanie is included as a distinguished scholar, recognising the global impact of her work.

Melanie has applied her innovative teaching techniques to tackle children and adults with varying emotional, psychological and physical disabilities. Some areas she has worked in are with drug rehabilitation, sexually abused children, children and adults with special needs, children in care, self harmers, the homeless, the bereaved.

She believes that animation in a therapeutic and educational context can stimulate positive responses regarding learning, general attitude, behaviour, encourages physical and mental social interaction and improves physical and mental skills overall.  This coupled with her belief of combining this with a person centered approach leads to a successful working model.  She believes in striving for unconditional positive regard and providing an inclusive, caring and safe environment for people to reach a state of self actualization.

Currently, Melanie is working for the BBC and Barnardos.