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Cultural Rivers: The use of ‘Static Animation’ and ‘Axiom Documentary’ film making processes to identify issues relating to children who are first generational immigrants in the UK



This illustrated paper will discuss the effectiveness of a methodology developed from combining two processes; ‘Static Animation’ (Hani 2014) and ‘Axiom Documentary’ (Drainville 2014) to identify particular problems, specifically in regard to children who are first generational immigrants in the UK. It will show the evolution of the Good Hearts Model (2011) in developing its use in a new context and the use of Apps as an extended process in the GHM.


In 2013, 1,048,310 children, whose first language was other than English, attended school in the UK and of those over 34,000 are attending schools in the East Midlands. In ten years this has nearly doubled (NALDIC 2014). There are many reasons as to why this is so and migration is one such reason.  People migrate for a variety of reasons; environmental, social, economic, political. Prevailing literature identifies that relatively little attention has been paid to the problems experienced by first generation migrant youth (Moskal 2014). ‘Static Animation’ and ‘Axiom Documentary’ production processes and techniques have been used as a diagnostic tool to ‘pay attention’ to such an area. The paper will discuss these processes, themes of a spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) nature (first included in the Education Reform Act 1988 then stated in the Education Act 2002). It will highlight the current emotional and physical positioning of the children and allow their journey from past to present to be explored whilst contributing to and supporting the SMSC curriculum. 



Animation, Transgender, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder, Film, Education



Nor Hazlen has been awarded a scholarship from the Academic Training Scheme of Higher Education Institutions of Malaysia. This is to pursue a PhD at the School Of The Arts, English and Drama, Loughborough University with the aim to identify and impact on the design principles applied in the production of e-books and apps for children aged 4-6 years in Malaysia.

She has worked as a graphic designer in publication design for magazines for many years. From industry, she then pursued a Masters degree in Visual Communication and New Media at MARA University of Technology, Malaysia and then went on to teach at Sultan Idris Education University.

She is also involved in design research and consultancy work in graphic design, publication design, branding and corporate identity for companies and government organizations. Over the years, she has won several awards for her achievements in the graphic design field.


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