Roberta Bernabei

Roberta Bernabei is a jewellery maker and historian whose work has been exhibited at various national and international venues, including Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery; Victoria & Albert Museum; National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the Museums of Decorative Arts in Berlin and Turin. In addition to institutional hosts, her jewellery has been featured in various private and commercial galleries, as well as entering both private and public collections; the latter including Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery; Bilston Craft Gallery; Museo del Gioiello, Padua, Italy and Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Since 1989, she has shown her jewellery throughout Europe; largely exploring body decoration issues through a wide range of media. Her recent studio practice has shifted emphasis to explore digital technologies and how they may be seamlessly united with traditional goldsmith techniques, including the manipulation of CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, precision photo etching and digital embroidery. Attempts are currently being made to humanise the ‘perfection’ of digital manufacture through hand finishing, subverting intended materials and incorporating visual and tactile illusions.

Roberta has chaired several exhibition panels and conferences including the annual Conference of the Italian Association for Contemporary Jewellery in Trieste; Juror of “Eine Handvoll Glasperlen” jewellery competition organised by Museum fuer Weltkulturen, Frankfurt; and most recently, as a member of the selection panel for LUSTRE, the Contemporary Applied Art fair held at Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham.