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Levelling Engagement through Stop Motion


This Paper explores the role stop motion plays in education and reports on Into Film’s work in animation with primary and secondary school students and teachers across the UK. The paper explores the use of stop motion as an effective tool in formal and non-formal education, for teaching and learning across the primary and secondary curriculum, evidencing and evaluating students work, flipped learning, developing soft skills including; teamwork, project planning, encouraging teamwork, improving communication, raising literacy attainment and encouraging children and young people to use the ICT skills required for the digital age.

Stop motion animation’s accessibility makes the medium an excellent leveller – schools and young people are not required to have access to professional equipment in order to develop their ideas. iPads, tablets, smart phones with free animation apps have made the medium even more accessible, for children and young people.

The continuing success of studios like Aardman and Laika has helped stop motion to stay relevant with 5-19 year olds, with films like Paranorman and The Boxtrolls utilising new technologies such as 3D printing for character models, while films such as Shuan the Sheep Movie retain a sense of nostalgia through claymation. Students arrive at school with a knowledge of character, setting, story and sound often learnt through watching stop motion animations like Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time and Twirlywoos. Using “Ekphrasis” (converting a visual image into words) young people engage in a process of translation, assisting engagement with the text and effective learning outcomes for literacy attainment. Identifying the links between the components of stop motion and written text enhances creative writing, reading, writing and speaking skills.



Stop motion, Education, Literacy, Curriculum, Attainment, Nostalgia



Since graduating with a degree in Film Studies in 2007 Sophie has been working in arts education.  She is currently working as Programme Coordinator in the Education team at Into Film and works directly with schools, colleges and youth groups in Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge and Northamptonshire. Sophie has recently started her MA in animation at The Cass, London Metropoliton Uiverity and has previously worked for FILMCLUB, Film Education and the East End Film Festival.




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